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There are times when you need to rely on a professional to help you through the steps of the estate process. Our team is here to determine the specific needs of each estate, offer the best choices to save time, effort and money, and guide individuals and families from start to finish.


At Riklin Estate Services, we specialize in the estate sale business for all of your personal property needs. The estate sale process starts by matching our knowledge, experience and expertise to determine the best results for each estate.  We develop a strategic plan to identify the proper market for the sale of the personal property, whether it’s local, regional, national, or international. We professionally merchandise the sale venue with strict attention to detail and using our nearly 20 years of experience to achieve a maximum value for our clients. The duration of an estate sale will typically be 3 days, but could be less or more depending on neighborhood restrictions and permits. Part of the estate sale process includes cleaning (before and after the sale dates), lighting, research, pricing, and staging to make the house “show ready” for the assigned sale days.


At Riklin Estate Services we are Accredited Members of the International Society of Appraisers and specialize in the appraisal or valuation of residential contents to include: antiques, furniture, original artwork, decorative arts, silver, jewelry and more. Reports may be written for insurance coverage & claims, estate planning, family division, divorce, federal or other taxes, charitable contributions, or just a desire to know the value of a single item or collections.  Appraisal reports are prepared in conformity with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and meet the standards of the International Society of Appraisers.


In our industry, sometimes a person’s personal property is not enough to host a three-day estate sale in their home, or they do not have the home available as a venue. Clients may also only have a few personal items to be sold.  We, at Riklin Estate Services, will then take certain personal property and consign it under a specialized agreement based on a sales commission, which is a standard rate for the industry. These items will then be sold through various markets and venues. Some items may be moved and sold in an upcoming estate sale, to a local auction house or an online auction website, some items may be sold via online marketplaces or sent out of state. It is our goal to sell your consigned items in a timely manner and achieve the highest price.


The Auction Method is an alternative method that can sometimes offer the seller more than the asking price or expected price through competitive bidding. At Riklin Estate Services, some specialized items will yield the highest values if sent through specialized marketing venues whether it’s local, regional, national, or international. Again, our goal is to identify the proper venue and to sell the property at the highest price for our client..

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