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Get to know us

We are Riklin Estate Services, a full-service estate sale and appraisal company that takes pride in what we do. Our team has nearly 20 years experience in the estate sale business. Being a part of the community, we understand what it takes to guide you through the full process of distributing or valuing personal property from an estate.


Scot Riklin

Scot Riklin ISA AM



Our team at Riklin Estate Services is comprised of honest, knowledgeable and dedicated employees who go the extra mile to ensure your estate sale experience is a seamless transition for you and your loved ones.  Our attention to detail and presentation is what sets us apart from our competitors.


We want to make sure all of your estate and appraisal needs are handled with urgency and care. 100% transparency sets us apart from all others. Not only are all of our financial transactions available to our clients but each new client has the opportunity to communicate with past clients.




We would love to hear from you by phone or email to set up an appointment to meet.  Our team will then evaluate your needs through the process of identifying the issues so that we may efficiently bring resolution to the estate.


The Riklin Estate Services team will take care of all your estate circumstances from start to finish. Contacting our dedicated team is the first step in making sure your estate is taken care of.

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